About Love Spells:

Designer Elle Cage  uses her gifts in the healing arts and blends them with her passion for sacred jewelry in designing and creating Lovespells jewelry. Each piece is handmade with loving intention in her studio, tucked away in the mystical forests of the Catskill Mountains.


About the Jewelry:

Each Love Spell is individually handcrafted. They are unique & may vary slightly from piece to piece. All Love Spells are made with quality, responsibly-sourced materials. I use only genuine precious and semi-precious stones. Most gold components are 14/20kGF “rolled gold”.

A properly cared-for piece of 14k GF jewelry will not peel or wear off and can be treasured for a lifetime. To increase the longevity of your piece, please don't bathe, shower or swim with it on. It is tarnish-resistant like solid 14k gold, and safe for most people with sensitive skin who can wear solid 14 karat gold jewelry.


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